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We, Mathghamhain and Katerina, King and Queen of Atenveldt, and Our Heirs TRH Douglas and Amanda, Crown Prince and Princess of Atenveldt, are pleased to announce We have reached an agreement with the Kingdom of Caid about the Estrella War and Great Western War. This agreement was signed and announced at Caid Coronation on June 6,1998. We wish it known that this agreement is the direct result of an offer extended by the Territorial Barons and Baronesses of Atenveldt in a Letter delivered to the Crown of Caid at the recent Potrero War. The Letter from the Barons and the resulting signed agreement appear below.


Greetings unto the Crown and Kingdom of Caid, From the Baronage of Atenveldt,

Each of us share a deep sense of regret for the estrangement the Kingdoms of Caid and Atenveldt have suffered in recent past. So much of our history and growth has come to pass with our armies locked in a struggle for honor and glory. It is clear that the absence of this struggle has left something missing in our Kingdom. We also hold great hope that our two Kingdoms will, once again, meet upon the same field in the spirit of honor and comradeship.

The Estrella War is an event unequaled in importance to the culture of Atenveldt. We recognize that The Great Western War, held on the same weekend as Estrella, has become important for Caid as well. This schism has prevented our traditional interaction. Members of our populace wish to attend The Great Western War, but are unable to, and many of your people are missed at Estrella each year. We would have both of these events be an opportunity for our populace to share our common interests.

In pursuit of this idea, and after careful consideration of the finite resources of our membership and the priorities of our Kingdom, We offer Caid the following promise: The Baronies of The Kingdom of Atenveldt shall not hold Baron's War on Columbus Day Weekend, nor within 30 days before, or after the Saturday of Columbus day weekend. This offer is in expectation that Caid will move The Great Western War to Columbus Day weekend. It shall be effective in 1999, and be in place for as long as it is Caid's pleasure to hold The Great Western War on Columbus Day Weekend.

We understand the reasons that Caid departed from The Estrella War. Atenveldt has shown, in the past, poor continuity amongst it's leadership at the highest level, and failed to consistently address the Concerns of Caid at the Estrella War. Baron's War is a popular event with important intra-Kingdom goals of it's own that are not tampered with lightly. As representatives of our populace, It is our hope that this offer communicates the depth of our commitment to see your return.

In Service to the Crown of Atenveldt,

Baron Robin and Baroness Penelope, Barony and Baroness of Atenveldt

Baron Lothar and Baroness Katherine, Baron and Baroness of Tir Ysgithir

Baron Padraig and Baroness Rowen, Baron and Baroness of Sun Dragon

Baron Philip and Baroness Selena, Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus

Baron Dietrich and Baroness Ynez, Baron and Baroness of Twin Moons

Baron Gwylym and Baroness Gwenddwyn, Baron and Baroness of Ered Sul


Recognizing that Our realms are bound together not only by our geographical proximity, but by shared history, goals, and ideals, the Kingdom of Caid enters into an agreement with the Kingdom of Atenveldt for the good of these Kingdoms, and for the Greater Good of the Society.

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt has already included the Kingdom of Caid in decisions related to the evaluation of a site for Estrella War XV,

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt is making the medieval aspects of Estrella War XV (particularly the design and execution of the combat scenarios and the arts competitions), an inter-kingdom event between the Principal Kingdoms of Caid, the Outlands and Artemisia,

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt will continue to make the medieval aspects of Estrella War an inter-kingdom event for future Estrella Wars

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt has published all financial aspects of 1998's Estrella War XIV (including distribution of monies for volunteer hours) to its Own Populace, and to the Populace of the Principal Kingdoms,

* Whereas Kingdom of Atenveldt Law mandates that Atenveldt will continue to publish, regular financial information explaining all financial aspects of 1999's Estrella War XV (including distribution of monies for volunteer hours) to its Own Populace, and to the Populace of the Principal Kingdoms,

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Kingdom of Caid agree not to change the agreed upon design of combat scenarios and arts competitions defined in an Estrella War Treaty without extreme reluctance and the full mutual agreement of all Principal Monarchs or Their representatives,

* Whereas the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Six Baronies of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have sent a written pledge to the Kingdom of Caid stating neither Barons War, nor any other Atenveldt sponsored War, shall be held in Atenveldt 30 days before or 30 days after the three day weekend of Columbus Day,

* Whereas the Kingdom of Caid has pledged neither Great Western War, nor any other Caid sponsored War, shall be held 30 days before or 30 days after the three day weekend of Presidents Day. Thus do the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Kingdom of Caid pledge to place the Estrella War and the Great Western War on Their Respective Kingdom Calendars and fully support participation of Their Populaces for both events.

Done by Our Hands, this 6th day of June, Being Anno Societatis XXXIII, or 1998 in the Common Reckoning.



Rex Atenveldtus

Rex Caid



Regina Atenveldtus

Regina Caid



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